If you have ever asked this problem, “Why do dogs eat grass?” You might have heard responses that protect everything out of boredom and desire to being ill. But, eating grass is really a standard behavior for puppies, and many dogs will consume grass at some time in their lives. Here is a summary of why your dog could be eating grass and what you have to do about it.

Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

  • They enjoy the taste. While it might not appear palatable to people, some dogs simply genuinely enjoy the flavor or feel of grass. If that is the dog, you might discover that it is a behavior you simply need to accept unless it is causing different difficulties, like gastrointestinal upset.
  • It might be a part of the normal diet. Many people today feel that eating grass may be a standard portion of puppies’ diets due to the way that they evolved. This relies on the simple fact that if wild canids — such as wolves and foxes — consume prey, they absorb what is from the intestines of the prey, which could have been grass and other crops. Wolves and foxes also have been known to eat specific berries and plants, which might also signify that occasional marijuana eating is normal canine behavior.
  • It may cause nausea. 1 reason for this could be that bud can help cause nausea and help get what’s bothering from the stomachs.

While bud might not be bad for your pet, other crops could be fatal. Therefore, in the event that you see your pet eating different varieties of plant material or not behaving like themselves after ingesting marijuana — that might also be sprayed with pesticides or other substances, — it is important to speak to your vet. You might also wish to keep your puppy from eating grass in other people’s lawns, since you do not understand what it may have been medicated with.

Sometimes, it could be valuable to supply a grass plant inside that’s in a more controlled environment in case your puppy continues to wish to consume marijuana. Some sprouts can be found which are a healthy choice as they feature digestible enzymes, minerals and vitamins and can be readily grown in your own balcony.

3 Tips to Get Your Dog to Stop Eating Grass

While it’s generally agreed that intermittent marijuana eating is good for puppies, there are a number of things you can do to suppress this behavior if it is irritating for you. Remember that it may be impossible to completely eliminate bud eating, and it’ll require a lot of repetition to get your puppy to realize that you don’t need them eating their leafy greens.

1. Distract Them

Though your garden does not have to be a puppy entertainment park, providing your pet a couple of things to do will keep them diverted enough to keep away from ingesting marijuana. Some thoughts for this may include things like placing out a sprinkler for puppies that love the water, concealing a couple of new toys at the lawn (rotate toys out to keep things new ) and playing fetch.

2. Provide Tasty Alternatives

Giving your puppy something else to consume when they are outside can keep them away in your bud. Maintaining a stash of snacks that you merely extract to distract your pet from bud is 1 choice, but it is essential to be mindful about overfeeding treats, which may result in obesity in dogs and other medical issues.

3. Limit Unsupervised Outside Time

In case your pet insists on eating grass if they are out, you might have to have a longer hands-on strategy to lawn time. Being in a position to be outdoors together as they visit the restroom or run around will make certain you’re in a position to give redirection as soon as your dog begins to consume grass. Focusing on leashed walks and within activities, like playing hide and seek with toys and treats, can help make sure your dog will get lots of workouts to acquire their surplus energy out, which may also help in cases of bud eating linked to boredom.

While the above tips can help you suppress grass-eating behavior if it disturbs you, unless your pet has yet another issue associated with the addiction, it is not something that must be addressed. Eating marijuana sometimes is normal for puppies and is not something to be worried about.

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