Doggy breath is something no dog owners want to face. But bad dog breath isn’t a good sign of your puri friend, It can be a serious health disease disclosure of your doggy. So you might have to visit your vet for assistance. And you can get better ideas from the below tips, how to prevent stinky bad dog breath

First, it’s important to understand and take moment and do simple research, why your dog’s breath might be offensive, And what you can do to treat and prevent this.

Cause of bad dog breath your dog may be suffering from below disease.

  1. Dental disease- If you don’t regularly brush your dog teeth this might be happening
  2. Unusual Dietary habit- This can happen unsupervised snack or meal
  3. Diabetes – If your dog’s bad breath has a sweet fruit smell, It’s might be a symptom of diabetes need to visit your vet for assistance.
  4. Kidney Disease-If your dog’s bad breath smell likes urine, It’s might be a warning sign of kidney disease, So please visit your vet for assistance.
  5. Liver Disease-  If your dog’s breath is still consistently terrible and he doesn’t much like to eat and has a yellow tinge to his gums, He might be suffering from a liver problem need to visit the vet for more assistance.

How to treat bad dog breath

Poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease are the main factors for directly cause bad dog breath, Then the best thing you have to do is schedule an appointment to see your vet on a regular basis. Your vet investigating the condition of the dog will perform a professional cleaning, During the cleaning, your vet may remove loos or damaged teeth and resolve the mouth infection after the evaluation. 

This will not help to be a lot better for your dog, But it will help to reduce the overall bacterial presence.

We highly recommended getting a treat from the vet for Diabetes, Kidney, and liver disease. 

How to Prevent Stinky Dog Breath

1.Brush your dog’s teeth regularly.            

This is the number one preventing measure for your dog’s stinky dog breath. And regular brushing reduces plaque and improves oral hygiene. Just keep in mind this is not an easy task, You have to train him well Because the dog wasn’t like to be used to it.

Especially make sure to used pets’ toothpaste and gel for your doggy. Please never use human toothpaste.

2.Give your puppy raw bones or chew toys to clean their teeth

Most of the dog’s owners unable to do the dog’s teeth brushing regularly and more accurately. Hence this is the easy approach to clean your dog teeth. Please used scientifically proven dog dental chew to get more results. This chew help to prevent plaque and tartar build-up and keep your dog happy and healthy.

To read more about dogs dental care >>Dog Dental Care Tips

3.Add a healthy diet to their meal.

We all know dogs are willing to eat some inappropriate thing like garbage or other stinky substance. Please keep eye on your dog as can as possible and do not let them eat inappropriate things.

Feeding your dog a high-standard balanced diet and always give them to drink more water and providing them with the necessary exercises. Also, by attending regular health check-ups with the vet, We can prevent systematic disorders like diabetes.

4.Bad dog breath formulated mouthwash and spray

You can use bad dog breath formulated mouthwash and the sprays, But you have to get a recommendation from your vet before use. These can help to prevent the build-up of tartar and plaque.

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