There is no magic to picking the right dog for you. But you should have to consider a few things before picking your pup. Because your picking dog breed needs to be most suitable for your lifestyle and the living accommodation. Otherwise, it will make a big difference for the happiness of you and your puppy.

So, In here we will discuss the most valuable 4 factors to choose the perfect dog breed just for you.

1.What does your living accommodation look like?

Your living accommodation size is the most important factor when you picking a dog breed. Do you living in a small apartment or a room and Do you have enough space for a large dog? Because of large dogs such as Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Neapolitan Mastiff, and Bully Kutta. They need a lot of exercise and spaces to play.  living accommodationIf you are living in a small house or an apartment. Then it’s better to adopt a small dog breed, Because, They can stay fit in a small area with their daily routine.


Dog temperament has been defined by their personality, makeup, disposition, or nature. So, it is not a physical characteristic, it is a biological base individual characteristic of a dog.

We all know that the dog has been a human companion for many years. Also, we can get many more benefits from owning a dog too.

hunting dog

So, every dog breed has its own temperament. Since somebody may need a dog for Hunting, Protection, Cuddling, Loneliness, And or some other reason. Likewise, you may have some reason to be a dog owner. So you should have to consider this factor also when you chose the dog breed.

3.Dog age

 Age is another important factor for picking a dog breed. But we all know a dog at any age can be a truly loving gift to have in your life.

However, Dog behaviors change with their age.

The Puppy -: A puppy is hard work. If you are really busy with your life, Then a pup is not probably suitable for you. But you have one obvious benefit of picking a pup Because you can help them to become the dog that you want.


The Adult dog-:An adult dog’s behavior will be well set and any other behavioral problem will be well entrenched and much harder to change again. So, if you are like to picking an adult dog, you need to give a close eye to their temperament, sociability, reactivity, and how their behavior when they walk. 

adult dog


Cost is one of the most valuable factors, By compared with other factors. We all have some idea, How much does it cost to own a dog and maintain him/her properly.

So, You should have to consider below few dog expenses before picking the dog.

Initial Investment

In initially you have to spend some money to purchase the dog. So you have to consider that amount with the dog breed you are going to purchase.

Food and Treats

Every owner tries to keep their dog well healthy. For this need to provide more high-quality food for the pup. So, need to expend some amount of money on that. But dog food expenses may vary with the energy level of the dog and the quality of the food.


Toys are more helpful for your dog exercises and the simulation. So need to consider some amount of budget for this too. 


At least dog need to have one of the cozy bed. That cost will change with the size of the bed.

Routine Veterinary Care And Medication

Routine veterinary care is the most important for keeping your dog healthy. So your dog veterinary will provide you a checkup plan for your dog. So your dog needs to attend that wellness checkup with the schedule, This cost may vary by the plan. And also they will provide some medication for your dog. So, you have to spend some money on the medication too.

Obedience Classes or Training Resources

Dog training is more important throughout their life. Since your dog needs to attend obedience school for their training in the first one or two years. To enrolling the above training and the resources need to have some budget.


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