Not only Games that Puppies Love to Play and a wonderful way to strengthen the bond with your puppy, but they also function as a means to teach your pup unique abilities that may set him up for success later in your life. Keep reading to find out how to play with a pup and what matches to educate him so he can pick up a few fundamental and crucial commands.


Fetch is a favorite game to play with for many puppies that may instruct them to come when called, and to receive a fantastic quantity of exercise.

  • Start off by having your pup to sit and come then toss one of his favorite toys.
  • Enthusiastically promote him to go get it.
  • When he is away from you along with his toy, dance, shout, and call his name, which means he’ll really need to return to you.
  • If he brings the toy back, let him drop it, and praise him if he does.

Find the toy

Locate the toy matches that can teach your puppy to rely upon his sense of smell and also to use his mind. They can also prepare him for tracking. Before beginning this game, make certain that you think of a unique name for every one of your own toys.

  • Next, select a command, for example” find” and use it for this game and for if you want him to find items later on.
  • Show your pup the toy, and then hide it partially under a towel or blanket.
  • If he doesn’t find his toy, then repeat the command.
  • As time passes, hide the toy and more until he is ready to recover it completely from where he can’t see it.
  • Make sure to praise him each moment.


Tug-of-war is another favorite puppy sport and maybe a fantastic tool to help you train your puppy to shed a toy on control.

  • To begin, maintain your puppy’s toy and extend it to him till he catches on.
  • Tug back and forth with him. It’s possible to exaggerate your moves so that it seems you’re having difficulty pulling.
  • Make sure he is playing appropriately rather than biting anything other than the toy. If he’s doing this, end the game. Read our informative article about how to train your pet to stop biting to learn more about puppy biting.
  • Reward your pup when he drops the toy once you say”drop it” during the match. Finally, he’ll learn the fall the toy command without expecting a deal.

Agility Games That Puppies Love to Play

Agility games refer to matches that get your pup thinking and moving. They’re excellent at burning calories and surplus energy plus they help boost your pet’s coordination and assurance. Puppies love the challenge of leaping, negotiating barriers and receiving compliments when they do nicely.

A Fantastic idea is to create an obstacle course in your Home

  • Utilize a room like your living space and make barriers with chairs and blankets.
  • Utilize treats or kibble to lure your pup and follow along with as he is going through the program.
  • Reward him if he conquers the hurdles that you put in front of him and commend him because he does nicely.

Understanding how to play a puppy is the initial step to making a strong and durable bond. If you want to maintain strengthening this bond, and educate your pet on some fundamental commands, then read our informative article about the best way best to train your pet.



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