We all know that the dog has been a human companion for many years. So we all wish them safe and happy life as humans. But unfortunately, there are some people who treat dogs in a bad way. Here is Tom, Tom is the name of the dog. Tom also faced a similarly bad situation.

Tom’s owner tied up tom to the tree and used him as a breeding dog. And Tom’s owner earns a lot of money from him eventually tom was very weak and thin. Finally, he fights to survive, Because almost all his fur was lost and even worms were everywhere in his body.

More info & Photo courtesy: Imgur/nbd789

       #1lost all his fur

But tom is a lucky dog, Due to his fortune, he met a kind person, and tom had been adopted by him. He had met a tom at an adoption event and he realized tom is different from other dogs. Then he went through Tom’s history and he got attached to Tom and had adopted him.


adopted dog


adopted in new home

Tom had feared to a bit within his new home. His new dad had thought he is not fit to climb the stairs. And he kept Tom in-ground yard. By the time Tom climbed the stairs and dad realized that he was safe.


live in ground yard

Tom is being treated well by his new dad and he gets recovered quickly. Now tom is a healthy and well-fitted dog. Before the adoption, Tom had weighed 40 pounds and now he weighs 70 pounds. Now he is happy with his new dad and no more health issues.

See here he is a young-looking and very handsome dog now.


live in upstairs


see look handsome





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